Service Types & Times

We gather together at Free Pilgrim Church to further our love for the Lord and deepen our bond with each other. Our main goal is to worship Almighty God and make Him the focus of our joining together. We want to let the world know that God is still supreme and can be depended on completely to help you walk through life. We want to share His love and be compassionate to a world in need. Pastor Manley’s goal is to minister to the lost, help the needy, encourage the saints, and help everyone safely make it to Heaven!

10:00 AM Sunday School

Sunday School begins in the main auditorium with congregational singing accompanied by the church musicians. We have prayer time, special recognition of birthdays & anniversaries, and special singing by the children. We offer specific classes for all ages: Beginners Class 1 – 5, Primary Class, 6 – 12, Teen Class 13 – 19, Young Adult Class 20 – 45, Adult Class 46 – up. Each class consist of a brief 30 minute interactive lesson designed specially for your age group. We are a family oriented church so our Sunday School is focused around discussing, sharing, and helping one another have a better understanding of the Bible.

10:45 AM Sunday Morning Worship

The main focus in our service is to worship and be mindful of God’s leadership and direction. Sunday Morning Worship includes traditional congregational singing accompanied by musicians, prayer time, and special singing. A brief yet soul-searching sermon will be delivered by Pastor Manley with the desire to help each one on the journey toward Heaven!

11:00 AM Children’s Worship

Free Pilgrim Church is very interested in children’s ministry and believes that children need to be loved, supported and are very vital to our church’s success. We take special time and effort to let them know they are very special to us. Children’s Worship convenes at 11:00 AM and is conducted in a way that is very easy to learn and understand. The service is focused around teaching ages 3-12 to worship God by special songs, prayer time and interactive stories.

6:00 PM Sunday Evening Worship

We assemble together for a special prayer time at 5:30 PM preceding the evening service. The evening service includes worshiping in songs, prayer & praise, and an inspiring sermon from God’s Word. Our goal is that you leave the service with the knowledge that you have been in the presence of our Heavenly Father!

7:00 PM Wednesday Evening Prayer & Praise

Wednesday Evening Prayer & Praise is vital to the encouragement of the saints of God. We assemble together for a special time of sharing, caring, and lifting one another in prayer. We sing songs of praise and encourage our congregation to praise and worship the Lord by word of testimony. We face challenges and changes everyday, so we hope you leave encouraged in knowing that we bear one another’s burdens!